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106 Final year.

i just get some mood to update my killer final week in this semester !
Well, insyaAllah this is my last study week as a diploma student in UNIKL.
Grad on September..
then reorganize this blog as i've no enough time to update during my study in this two years..
two year ! i can't believe it.
feel like i just registered my first semester last month, being so dumb on my orientation week,
and now my study getting over.
the most thing i wanna do is to change my blog header as its has been two year stick on there..
too old school for my latest appearance.. i'm big fat pekka now.. :)

Btw, ni pun dah masuk minggu akhir or isnin last utk tahun 2013..
i'll consider ni sebagai azam khas utk blog pada 2014...
sebab 2013 ni dunia sebagai final year student sangat sibuk.. dan sangat malas..
Dan 2013 jugak banyak aktiviti kesedihan yg aku alami..hikhik
So, it is compulsory for me to organise my blog, 5s my heart, throw all disgusting failure + blaa blaa blaa...
Orait..jom sambung study..
rabu 1january 2014.. my 1st paper..
Subject Law of Contract.. my super duper awesome favorite subject for this semester.. !
n i felt like i shud b a law student on the first place.. hikhikhik
ok bubbye

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